• Find your role within the workplace.

    Our Senior Community Service Employment Program is designed to provide a meaningful and engaging employment experience for those aged 55 and older.

    Participants in SCSEP serve their communities while gaining valuable on-the-job training through paid temporary assignments with local non-profit organizations and government agencies.
  • Explore a new skill, or discover a new career path.

    If you are working with the Division of Vocational Rehabilitation (DVR) for career counseling and employment support, you are eligible to take advantage of the diverse array of services offered at Citizens Employment & Training.

    Through one-on-one career counseling, we design a personalized plan for success and help you to build the foundation needed to secure employment.
  • Complete the training you need to achieve your goal.

    Citizens Employment & Training is excited to offer a brand new Training Program! As a participant in the Training Program, you may choose to explore computer use or customer service.

    Through one-on-one training and a personalized learning approach, we will help you develop the skills needed to succeed.
  • Together, we can strengthen our community.

    Citizens Employment & Training has partnered with over 100 community-based organizations throughout Western Wisconsin.

    With patience, understanding, and a desire to help those in need, each organization provides our clients with a place to learn, grow, and succeed.

Citizens Employment & Training is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to providing employment support throughout Western Wisconsin. For over 35 years, we have provided job seekers with the tools and resources needed to succeed.

What We Offer

Senior Employment Program

Citizens Employment & TrainingOur Senior Community Service Employment Program is designed to provide engaging work experiences for those aged 55 and older.

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DVR Referral Program

Citizens Employment & TrainingOur DVR Referral Program is designed to provide employment support to those who are working with the Division of Vocational Rehabilitation.

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Community Partnership

Citizens Employment & TrainingCitizens Employment & Training is dedicated to forming partnerships with organizations that aim to build a stronger community.

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